Over the years, our organization has also developed a purchasing service program for MRO & OEM products.

Lancaster fits nicely into a customer’s supply chain as a link for the Procurement Department. We handle hard to source, long-term scheduled milestone payment orders, low dollar purchases and one- one-time buys. By taking procurement ownership of these out-of-the-scope supplies and services, Lancaster helps to lower the total cost of acquisition for the customer.


  • Requisition Processing
  • Tracking & Reporting
  • Sourcing
  • National Wholesale Distribution Quoting
  • Price Justification Analysis
  • Expediting • Managing Long-Term Contracts
  • Invoicing Bill Pay Solutions


  • Flexibility to adapt to both customer & supplier requirements
  • Leverage one-time/low volume buys through Lancaster supply base
  • Reduce administrative processing costs• Shorten cycle time from requisition to invoicing


Lancaster is committed to continuous improvement through our Six Sigma operating philosophy

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