Wholesale Packaging Design & Distribution

Our mission is to provide a strong packaging solution for both standard packaging supplies and custom packaging design that exceeds our customer’s expectations.

Facilities & Maintenance

Through support from our purchasing services division, we focus on providing the complete solution for your facility and maintenance needs. Our goal is to meet our customer’s exacting needs through both sourcing and managing the supply chain, as well as direct wholesale distribution. Lancaster is a link in the supply chain that provides competitive pricing for name brands and industrial manufacturers either on a direct basis or supporting your integrated facility supplier.

Purchasing Services

Over the years, our organization has also developed a Purchasing Service program for MRO & OEM products. Lancaster fits nicely into a customer’s supply chain as a link for the Procurement Department. We handle hard to source, long-term scheduled milestone payment orders, low dollar purchases and one- one-time buys. By taking procurement ownership of these out-of-the-scope supplies and services, Lancaster helps to lower the total cost of acquisition for the customer.


  • Requisition Processing
  • Tracking & Reporting
  • Sourcing
  • National Wholesale Distribution Quoting
  • Price Justification Analysis
  • Expediting • Managing Long-Term Contracts
  • Invoicing Bill Pay Solutions


  • Flexibility to adapt to both customer & supplier requirements
  • Leverage one-time/low volume buys through Lancaster supply base
  • Reduce administrative processing costs• Shorten cycle time from requisition to invoicing


Lancaster is committed to continuous improvement through our Six Sigma operating philosophy